Lets face it making the changes necessary to be healthy can be challenging. It is all we can do to keep up with the hectic demands of daily life in a modern world that is ever-changing and stress-driven.
When struggling with resulting chronic health problems, so often it is a sign that we need to look deeper into our lives and make a higher commitment to create the life we truly desire. This often means changing the way we perceive the world in addition to improving diet and exercise. 
Chinese medicine is an ancient healthcare system that gently guides you to a more vital, meaningful and enjoyable life. At The Qi (Chee) Center, we pride ourselves on using acupuncture and Chinese herbs to improve current health symptoms and enlighten you on how to live a full, beneficial life. Unlike Western medicine, which is apt to apply a bandage on symptoms, giving the illusion of relief and healing, we take the time to help you heal yourself on all levels of being. That is the power of Chinese medicine and the purpose behind The Qi Center.

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